Monday, 31 July 2017

25mm Brunswicks Napoleonic's Armys part 4

25mm Brunswick's Napoleonic's
Ones again got them out of he boxes to see how they have travailed in the move down to Wiltshire from Reading .  First job was to replace the flags  the old ones and faded over 45 odd years since they was first painted. Second one will be to do the saddle cloth painted black from the white ones
o happy days . Figures are Hinchliffe and Minfigs .

Monday, 3 July 2017

25mm A C W Infantry ACW part 14

25mm ACW Infantry well this is the last of my lead mountain of ACW infantry . Still got a few cavalry to do in the box . Then on to the rest
3rd Regiment US Infantry ok the hats help me make up my mind on the one.
Next was a regiment of Zouaves  ok better be Union what flags have I got no problem got a Irish one
so out comes all my Osprey books 164th New York Regiment Zouaves wrong flag no problem just do not look to hard at it . Could not find any more head with fez's on so put a few with caps.
I do like to put on fine detail on figures but my eyes and hands are not that good any more as I was saying to my friend Mike Im trying to get them all painted before I kick the bucket .